Founded in 2000 the National Refugee Integration Forum (NRIF) is the essential link between national, regional and local problem solving. Its primary role is to identify and propose solutions to the issues that refugees face. There are five sub-groups, all chaired by people with recognised expertise in their fields from outside central government.

Children and Young Persons
Accommodation and Community Safety
Community and Media
Employment and Training

The NRIF is chaired by Minister Andy Burnham MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Immigration & Citizenship.

Terms of Reference
“To advise the Government, through its plenary sessions and the work of its standings subgroups, on the development of the National Refugee Strategy for England, Integration Matters, and to monitor its implementation; to ensure co-ordination with refugee integration strategies in force in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; and to oversee planning for an annual nation conference on refugee integration”.